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The unique Morphogram analysis method provides a complete assessment of the nutritional status of patients using a tape measure. 

With two analysis options, the information can be used to provide either a complete detailed analysis or a fast analysis.

Analisi Full Morphogram

Full Analysis

This analysis is a complete and professional evaluation of the patient’s nutritional status using ten measurements; height, weight and eight body circumferences.

These measurements are used to provide detailed information to the nutritionist enabling an accurate personalised nutrition plan to be developed. 


Smart Analysis

Morphogram® integrates a rapid analysis system, Smart Analysis, which reduces the length of patient visits without reducing the necessary information required to develop a personalised nutrition plan.

Through five measurements; height, weight and three body circumferences, the Smart Analysis determines the individual’s risk of metabolic syndrome and changes in body composition for preventative or monitoring purposes. 


Analisi Smart Morphogram

Subscription plans and pricing

Monthly Subscription



Morphogram is NOT a software designed to carry out online nutritional consultancy but it IS an online analysis method to be used in synergy with a standard consultation or as an alternative to traditional methods such as BIA. It uses anthropometry and proprietary algorithms to evaluate body composition, constitutional morphotype, risk factor and energy and protein requirements.

The BIA device measures body water percentage and estimates the body composition based on the assumption of normally hydrated lean mass of 73%. These are optimal conditions which are not commonly reproducible. BIA determines Total Body Water (TBW), Extracellular Water (ECW) and Intracellular Water (ICW) so the TBW/ECW and ECW/ICW trends can be determined as well as the phase angle ratio in diagnostic and prognostic terms.

This means that the BIA device alone is not suitable for following changes in body composition in conditions of particular clinical-nutritional interest so it also needs to be completed in conjunction with the rest of the nutritional status evaluation. 

Morphogram Pro provides a complete nutritional status evaluation however it offers the ability to integrate the results from BIA to display the nutritional status from Morphogram with the intra and extracellular hydration data from BIA and provide a combined view on patient conditions. 

Morphogram is GDPR and HIPAA compliant and uses Chino Srls, a German company specialising in the conservation and security of sensitive health data. For more information visit www.chino.io

Morphogram is an analysis method using a proprietary algorithm to develop a complete nutritional status of a patient based on 30 years of experience in clinical nutrition and two years of clinical testing.

The method was validated by performing a trial comparing the results of estimated body fat and lean mass percentage by simultaneously using the Mophogram analysis and the Tanita MC 780 MA BIA on 377 patients. The resulting estimated values showed an average variation of 0.04%.

Morphogram is a software that performs an analysis resulting in a complete evaluation of nutritional status using only measurements and a medical history (anamnestic) questionnaire.

The evaluation includes: 

Body composition
Constitutional morphotype
Risk factors
Protein requirements
Energy requirements
Physiological weight
Percentiles of the measurements

Morphogram is an analysis method to be used in synergy with or as an alternative to other methods (BIA, plicometry).

The advantage of Morphogram is that it provides a complete evaluation of nutritional status using a measuring tape. 

The exclusive use of Mophogram and its subscription means taking advantage of the constant updates with no additional costs rather than having to buy and maintain expensive medical equipment.

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