Software that analyses metabolic syndrome risk factors and body composition with results comparable to BIA.


Simple and Intuitive

Innovation by simplifying processes

Morphogram® is an anthropometric analysis method that provides a complete nutritional status assessment using a quick and simplified procedure that saves time and money without sacrificing accuracy and reliability. 



Values comparable to those of BIA

Clinical trials were performed on 377 patients, male and female between 18 and 86 years of age, using both the Bioimpedance Analysis (BIA) device and Morphogram techniques to analyse lean mass. 

The trial resulted in comparable lean mass estimates between the two methods with an average variation rate of 0.04%.

Comparison of lean mass values estimated by the Tanita BIA and the Morphogram method

Patients Analysed
0 %
Average Variation

The smart alternative to BIA

Results of a case study performed during the Covid-19 emergency lockdown
Active Nutritionists
Remote Analyses Performed

Save on equipment and disposable electrodes

Morphogram® is the digital cloud solution that allows the analysis of body composition and nutritional status of patients with a measuring tape. 

During the lockdown, Morphogram was actively used by close to 70 nutritionists who carried out more than 700 analyses in Italy between March and May 2020.

Even after the lockdown ended, Italian nutritionists have appreciated the method and continued to use Morphogram in their clinics. 


Why choose Morphogram®


Reduce Costs

Morphogram uses measurements to perform a complete evaluation of nutritional status while maintaining accuracy and reliability.

antropometria composizione corporea


Reduce time and effort while travelling with Morphogram. The cloud solution that allows patient visits with only a laptop and a measuring tape.

si può fare nelle consulenze nutrizionali online

Automatic Updates

Buy it once and forget about it! Take advantage of the Cloud software with the automatic system updates and new features.



Morphogram is a Cloud service that you can activate and deactivate when needed at no additional cost.

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What the Nutrition Professionals say about us

Innovative, complete, intuitive: only with Morphogram it is possible to make a correct personalisation of nutritional therapy. The indispensable tool for the nutrition professional! Guaranteed success.
Luca Valerii
Nutritionist Biologist
I have been using the Morphogram for some time now to evaluate patients, their constitution and lean and fat masses and their oscillations; I found the integration with this method really useful because it manages to give me a look of greater completeness and precision in the estimation of needs, as well as being extremely practical and economical.
Marina Manieri
I am fine! I am continuing the online visits, the software is really very useful and intuitive from a graphic point of view also for patients and allows me to offer them an understandable report; moreover it is also very effective for monitoring their improvements in the short or long term and offering them real images that make the changes and progress they make more intuitive. But I am also using it in the studio, along with all the other evaluations including the BIA, as a system for monitoring and recording anthropometric data. It is very useful both for information about the risks related to fat mass and its distribution, and as a simple software for saving data and monitoring changes. Really very efficient and very welcome even by patients!
Marta Bellavia
Nutritionist Biologist

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