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About us

We are an award-winning digital health startup that has developed Morphogram PRO: the software for nutritionists that introduces an innovative anthropometric method for a complete patient analysis that goes beyond BMI and body composition and that introduces abdominal volume monitoring as a point of reference .

Why anthropometry

According to WHO “Anthropometry is the single most universally applicable, inexpensive and non-invasive method of assessing the size, proportions and composition of the human body.”

Furthermore, “because children’s growth and body size at all ages reflect the overall health and well-being of individuals and populations, anthropometry can also be used to predict performance, health, and survival.”

The advantages of Morphogram PRO:

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Clinical tests carried out on about 400 patients and compared with BIA Tanita MC 780 MA reported an accuracy of 99% for body composition analysis.

To date we have over 25,000 analyzes performed on 9,000 patients.

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