Morphogram PRO: the evolution of the evaluation of nutritional status

Evaluate lifestyle, body composition, nutritional status and cardio-metabolic-inflammatory risk factors with a single online tool.

Morphogram pro composizione corporea

Get a complete clinical picture of your patient's nutritional status

Morphogram PRO is the best ally to the nutrition professional. It offers scientific methodology to support the decision-making process and the personalisation of the nutrition program.

Stile di vita, dispendio energetico e fabbisogno proteico

Morphogram PRO integra informazioni anamnestiche per la valutazione del:

  • Livello di Attività Fisica (LAF)
  • Comorbilità
  • Metabolismo basale e dispendio energetico totale (DET)
  • Fabbisogno proteico giornaliero

Fattori di rischio e di distribuzione

Morphogram PRO fornisce un’analisi completa e dettagliata sui fattori di rischio e sulla distribuzione del grasso:

  • Distribuzione (Mela VS Pera)
  • Volume Addominale in Eccesso
  • Rischio cardiovascolare
  • Rischio diabete
  • Rischio apnea notturna
  • Rischio sindrome metabolica

Morfotipo costituzionale e peso target

Morphogram PRO fornisce una valutazione morfo-funzionale per la definizione del Morfotipo Costituzionale di base (Endomorfo, Mesomorfo ed Ectomorfo) e dei morfotipi costituzionali acquisiti per un totale di 16 varianti diverse.

Morphogram PRO definisce il peso target del paziente attraverso il Peso Fisiologico che il paziente dovrebbe avere in base all’età, altezza e sesso ed il Peso Ragionevole per motivare il paziente dando degli obiettivi di peso da raggiungere.

Composizione corporea

Morphogram PRO fornisce un’analisi completa e dettagliata sulla composizione corporea attraverso:

  • Indice di Massa Corporea (IMC)
  • Indice di Massa Magra (IMM)
  • Indice di Massa Grassa (IMG)
  • Massa Magra in Kg (FFM)
  • Massa Grassa % (FM)

Lifestyle, energy expenditure and protein requirement

Morphogram PRO integrates anamnestic information for the evaluation of:

  • Physical Activity Level (LAF)
  • Comorbidities
  • Basal metabolism and total energy expenditure (DET)
  • Daily protein requirement

Body composition

Morphogram PRO provides a complete and detailed analysis of body composition through:

  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Lean Mass Index (IMM)
  • Fat Mass Index (IMG)
  • Lean Mass in Kg (FFM)
  • Fat Mass% (FM)

Constitutional morphotype

Morphogram PRO provides a morpho-functional evaluation for the definition of the basic Constitutional Morphotype (Endomorph, Mesomorph and Ectomorph) and of the acquired constitutional morphotypes for a total of 16 different variants.

Risk and distribution factors

Morphogram PRO provides a complete and detailed analysis of risk factors and fat distribution:

  • Distribution (Apple VS Pear)
  • Abdominal Volume in Excess
  • Cardiovascular risk
  • Diabetes risk
  • Risk of sleep apnea
  • Risk of metabolic syndrome

Target weight

Morphogram PRO defines the patient’s target weight through the Physiological Weight that the patient should have based on age, height and sex and the Reasonable Weight to motivate the patient by giving weight goals. 

The Morphogram® method


It uses an anthropometric approach based on the detection of specific body circumferences.


It comes from over 30 years of experience in clinical nutrition and comparisons with traditional methods of analysis.


Supported by international scientific literature.

The creator of the Morphogram Method

Professor Paolo De Cristofaro

The professor has dedicated his professional career to the care and rehabilitation of people suffering from eating disorders by supporting the priority of nutrition in various physiological and pathological areas. 

He is in charge of the Accredited Center for the Italian Obesity Society (SIO) for the Abruzzo Region and was director of the Regional Center for Physiopathology of Nutrition for the Abruzzo Region.

He has been a member of the board of numerous scientific societies and author of international books and publications.

Morphogram PRO: Smart Analysis

The smart analysis allows you to perform a complete assessment of a patient’s lifestyle and body composition as well as cardiovascular and metabolic syndrome risk factors. All through the measurements of height, weight and three specific body circumferences.

Due to its simplicity, smart analysis is the preferred choice during online nutritional consultations.

Morphogram PRO: Full Analysis

The full analysis, in addition to the information provided by the smart analysis, offers a more in-depth analysis of the nutritional status through the definition of the constitutional biotype and the analysis of the risk factors for sleep apnea and diabetes .

Due to its completeness, the full analysis is preferred during outpatient visits.

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Insights on the Morphogram method

Intellectual property

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Scientific validation

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