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Preliminary data on the scientific validation of Morphogram

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Together with the Arizona State University we have launched a clinical trial for the scientific validation of the proprietary algorithms for body composition analysis developed for the anthropometric software Morphogram PRO. The purpose of the study is to compare three different procedures used for body composition analysis:

  • Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA);
  • Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) Tanita TBF-400;
  • Morphogram (body circumferences/anthropometry).

Research objectives

The primary objective of the research is to analyze the accuracy of the Morphogram algorithms for body composition analysis compared to the scientific values provided by DXA (Gold Standard) and to examine the variations in reliability in cases where anthropometric measurements are measured by:

  • Expert operator (doctor, nutritionist, etc.)
  • Inexperienced operator (patient) guided by video tutorials (self-measurement)
  • Inexperienced operator guided by a professional operator (self-measurement)

Examined sample

The research was carried out on a sample of 53 people (men and women) with physical characteristics ranging between a normal weight and obese BMI, aged between 25 and 55 years and with different ethnic characteristics.

Preliminary results

For both fat and lean mass analysis, Morphogram is able to explain ~90% of the variance of the DXA values.

For both fat and lean mass analysis, the Morphogram results was able to explain a greater variance of the DXA estimate (~90%) than Tanita (83% for fat mass; 52% for lean mass).

These results support one of our secondary hypotheses that Morphogram body composition analysis was closer to DXA than BIA.

Finally, the preliminary data also revealed that the accuracy of the measurement carried out by a patient followed by the professional operator improves significantly as it approaches the accuracy of the certified operator (nutritionist).

In conclusion, the operator’s verbal explanations have a significant impact on the subject’s ability to take measurements that closely approximate those made by the experienced operator.

These results would validate the effectiveness of Morphogram in online consultations for patient self-measurement guided by the remote nutritionist.

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Non solo un software, ma un metodo scientifico per la valutazione dello stato nutrizionale.

Con Morphogram PRO analizzi stile di vita, composizione corporea, fattori di rischio, dispendio energetico e fabbisogno nutrizionale, anche nelle visite online.


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